Leica M: Is This the Craziest Full-Frame, HD Video, Interchangeable…

The new Leica M is German camerasmith's latest photo-slaying, digital full-frame camera in the tradition of its M-series rangefinders. It's the long rumored follow-up/upgrade to the fabulous (and fabulously expensive) M9 from a few years ago. Behold the bonkers camera you'll be drooling over for the next couple of… » 9/17/12 3:46pm 9/17/12 3:46pm

Panasonic Lumix GH3: The Hacker's HD Video Camera Gets Its Bits Juiced

A whole community of filmmakers—amateur and pros alike—turned the Panasonic GH2 into a surprisingly successful camera. It turned out, that with a simple to execute hack, you could use the camera to record ultra-sharp 100-Mbps+, 1080p HD video. The results were spectacular. With the new GH3, Panasonic has beefed up its… » 9/17/12 7:00am 9/17/12 7:00am

FujiFilm XF1: Another Very Small, Very Powerful Point-and-Shoot Wants a…

When the excellent Sony RX100 came out from hiding, we fawned over its huge one inch sensor, f/1.8 aperture, and positively tiny point-and-shoot frame. Now another has arrived in the form of the FujiFilm XF1, and while it only has a 2/3-inch sensor, it too has a f/1.8 aperture and a diminutive figure draped in… » 9/17/12 1:00am 9/17/12 1:00am

Ball-And-Socket Lensbaby Composer Adds to Distorting Bendy-Lens Line

Lensbaby has just revamped its line of creative bendable "distorting" lenses at Photokina, and added a new type. This new Composer disposes with the bellows bend/focus system of earlier Lensbabies and has ball-and socket twisting with a focusing ring at the front to let you select the in-focus sweet-spot in your… » 9/23/08 4:18am 9/23/08 4:18am

Pretec's Stumps Up 64GB Compact Flash Card, and 100GB: World's Largest

100GB CF cards.... holy moly that's huge. Pretec's saying it's the world's largest capacity CF, and I'm not going to argue. It's a 233x speed card, capable of access rates at 35MB/s and it, along with its smaller 64GB sibling, is being shown at Photokina this week. Not satisfied with that though, Pretec's also… » 9/23/08 3:58am 9/23/08 3:58am