Ball-And-Socket Lensbaby Composer Adds to Distorting Bendy-Lens Line

Lensbaby has just revamped its line of creative bendable "distorting" lenses at Photokina, and added a new type. This new Composer disposes with the bellows bend/focus system of earlier Lensbabies and has ball-and socket twisting with a focusing ring at the front to let you select the in-focus sweet-spot in your… »9/23/08 4:18am9/23/08 4:18am


Pretec's Stumps Up 64GB Compact Flash Card, and 100GB: World's Largest

100GB CF cards.... holy moly that's huge. Pretec's saying it's the world's largest capacity CF, and I'm not going to argue. It's a 233x speed card, capable of access rates at 35MB/s and it, along with its smaller 64GB sibling, is being shown at Photokina this week. Not satisfied with that though, Pretec's also… »9/23/08 3:58am9/23/08 3:58am

Leica Leaks Out New High-End S System With 37MP, Almost-Medium-Format S2 DSLR

Leica's been busy lately, on the fetishistic high-end as always; their ultra-fast f/0.95 Noctilux lens wowed us »9/22/08 1:20pm9/22/08 1:20pm a few weeks back, the new and also hit, and now they've expanded their digital range to include the S-series ultra high-res DSLR. Aimed at studio pros who would have been medium-format shooters in the film…

Fujifilm's SuperCCD EXR Unveiled: Sensor Promises High Res, High Quality Imaging

Fujifilm's "super ccd" technology's been about for quite »9/22/08 11:15am9/22/08 11:15am , but with the new Super CCD EXR it looks like the main focus is on improved image quality. It's not going to signal an end to the stupid megapixel race, but the EXR sensor has a new mosaic color filter arrangement, new pixel-binning method and totally new…

Olympus Signals Micro-Four Thirds Camera On The Way, Plus 'Creative' DSLR Cam

Since Olympus and Panasonic together developed »9/22/08 4:47am9/22/08 4:47am the micro four thirds camera format, and Panasonic's is already on the way, it shouldn't be a surprise to hear Olympus is working on one too. Olympus is currently making noises about the camera, saying it'll "bring dramatic reductions in size and weight to the Olympus…