Intel Silicon Photonics Chip Is World's Fastest (and Prettiest)

MIT's Tech Review <a href="has the scoop that Intel's wizards have come upwith a new chip entirely made out of silicon that "can encode 200 gigabits of data per second on a beam of light" versus the measly 100 Gbps that the fastest optical networks currently churn at-which aren't made of silicon. Which means they… »7/02/08 11:29am7/02/08 11:29am

IBM Unleashes Photonic Supercomputer... On a Chip

Modern supercomputers are still at least 100 times faster than the crappy laptop you bought a week ago, and electrons are to blame. Today, IBM introduced a way to speed up the action on regular silicon chips by replacing the wiring with pulses of light, a technology called—what else?—silicon photonics. This method… »12/06/07 10:17am12/06/07 10:17am