Get Lost in This Map of 170,000 Photos From Depression-Era America

Some of the most haunting images of the U.S. were captured from 1935 to 1945, as the country emerged from the depths of the Great Depression and rallied for World War II. A team from Yale has collaborated on one of the most visually stunning interpretations of the era, called Photogrammar: 170,000 photos from the… » 9/03/14 1:43pm 9/03/14 1:43pm

Hitler materializes in lost family trip negatives found at thrift store

Mat Ames found some negatives in a thrift store in Roanoke, Virginia. After digitizing them, a lot of the photos seemed to belong to a couple's vacation in Naples, Italy, in 1938. Among all the scenic Italian vignettes there was a creepy surprise—a sinister figure sitting in a car under the sun. It was Adolf Hitler. » 5/01/14 1:27am 5/01/14 1:27am

How To Take a Perfect Food Photo

Immaculate Infatuation is a food blog run by some guys who aren't your average foodies. So they know that Instagrams of food are so overdone, which means they also know how to make them good. Just refer to their hunger-inducing Instagram account and their food pic hashtag, #EEEEEATS. Here's a guide to duplicating… » 2/26/14 4:00pm 2/26/14 4:00pm