Google Picks Up Picnick Image Editor to Make Picasa Better

One of the more straightforward acquisitions Google's made in a while, they've just bought the online image editor Picnick. Given Google's past acquisition strategy—turning Grand Central into Google Voice, Writely into Google Docs—the logical expectation is that it'll get merged into its already excellent Picasa photo… »3/01/10 4:38pm3/01/10 4:38pm

Sony Vaio Photo Frame Brings Internet Radio, RSS News to Your Mantlepiece

Sending another (admittedly pretty) digital picture frame into an already overcrowded, under-innovated field, Sony has announced is $300 Vaio CP1, which boasts wireless networking, RSS feed integration and - most interestingly - Shoutcast radio streaming. The picture display capabilities are also above average, as the… »9/03/08 7:00pm9/03/08 7:00pm

Google To Offer Additional Online Storage Up To 250 GB

Google announced on their blog that they're offering additional storage for their Gmail, Google Apps, and Picasa services. Storage sizes of 6, 25, 100, and 250 GB are available at prices ranging between 20 and 500 dollars a year. We hoped for more flexibility in how the storage could be used, but it's nice for those… »8/10/07 7:19pm8/10/07 7:19pm