ABB FlexPicker Robot's Legs Move So Fast it's Scary

The ABB IRB 340 FlexPicker's legs instantly put me in mind of a kind of merciless Matrixesque robot, snatching up human bodies and doing terrible things to them. But apparently, it's the world's fastest industrial robot, and is used to pick and sort items on a production line— innocent things like sausages and… » 3/25/08 2:30pm 3/25/08 2:30pm

The Ear Scope GXL is the Ultimate in Self Ear Cleaning

Taking both the Ear Wax Camera and the LED Ear Wax Cleaner to the next level, this Ear Scope GXL is the last word on cleaning your own ears. If you're not comfortable with (or don't have) someone else cleaning your ears for you, this Ear Scope lets you peep into your own LED-lit ear canal for easy scraping. » 3/01/07 7:15pm 3/01/07 7:15pm