Indoor R-C Helicopters Go DIY, Use Spare Electronics Parts

Forget the Picoo Z's » 9/05/08 10:30am 9/05/08 10:30am, no matter how much they are they can't be as cool as making and flying your own indoor remote-control 'copter. And over at there's a set of instructions that'll help you DIY, assuming you have some spare CD drive motors and servos lying around, and are happy with soldering and detailed…

Tandem Z1 Chinook Minicopter Flying (and Crashing) on Video

Click to viewMy new Tandem Z1 Chinook finally arrived. And guess what? Two rotors and proper six-way control actually does equal twice the crashes. At least while starting out, anyway— just like a real helicopter these things are a bugger to learn to control. Balancing throttle, forward, backwards, turning and the… » 2/27/08 8:30am 2/27/08 8:30am

Tandem Z Chinook R/C Helicopter Has Two Rotors for Double the Crashes

Picoo Z has just doubled the fun of R/C mini helicopters with the Tandem Z Chinook. Yes, two rotors, just like the real thing, for twice the number of high-speed crashes into walls, twice the chased-by-your-cat action. Its also got a three-channel remote control now, so you can try forward-backward moves… » 2/08/08 6:46am 2/08/08 6:46am

AH-64D Apache Rechargeable Micro RC Helicopter is Licensed by Boeing

Looks like one more of those tiny styrofoam helicopters has taken to the air, and just like the others, this one pretty much goes up, down, and bangs into walls. This AH-64D Apache Rechargeable Micro RC Helicopter is supposedly so realistic it's officially licensed by Boeing (that Apache name was the part that was… » 9/19/07 9:15am 9/19/07 9:15am

PicooZ Sky Challenger Laser Tag R/C Choppers Selling Soon

Remember those sweet laser-tag type R/C choppers we showed you a few months ago, the ones that fulfilled at least two of Adam's childhood fantasies? Today, I saw them, or well, something ridiculously identical, both in and out of the box. That's right, PicooZ is coming out with a $80 duelin' chopper set called Sky… » 8/09/07 5:27pm 8/09/07 5:27pm