Electronic Hogu Measures Just How Hard Your Foe Can Beat You Up

The final project of a team from Cornell University, this electronic hogu, modelled above by a lantern-jawed mannequin called Bob, uses piezoelectric sensors and a microcontroller to measure the kicks and punches between contestants in a Tae Kwan Do bout. Piezoelectric sensors and a microcontroller are implanted in… »5/12/08 7:15am5/12/08 7:15am

Piezing Dress Concept Generates Electricity as She Walks

Oasis were right, she is electric, or at least she would be with the Piezing dress concept, designed by Amanda Parkes. The concept was shown off at the 2nd Skin: Imaginative Designs in Digital & Analog Clothing event in San Francisco, and it uses piezoelectric material around the joints to generate electricity when… »4/27/08 10:30pm4/27/08 10:30pm