Pigeons Are Smarter Than You Might Think And Can Use Touchscreens

Pigeons are everywhere in cities, but they don't get a lot of love. True, they can spread disease and aren't very personable, but maybe they're not getting the credit they deserve. Like city-dwelling humans they have places to be and lunch deals to scavenge. And like good urbanites (and penguins) they know their way… »6/02/13 3:38pm6/02/13 3:38pm

Grizzly Flying Rats are Transformed into Flapping Flocks of Color via Pigeon-Painting Apparatus

The pigeon is a nasty bird. Sooty, dingy, generally unpleasant to behold. But right now, as part of the currently underway Venice Biennale contemporary art festival in Venice, Italy, the city's unsightliest tourist attraction (its plethora of pigeons) has been given a stunning makeover. »9/04/12 9:30pm9/04/12 9:30pm