'Modern' Piggy Bank Siphons Money From Your Bank Account Via Debit Card

Instead of dropping some spare change in a jar, why not wire a little bit of money to a secondary account via ATM card? That's what this concept piggy bank proposes we do, which facilitates communications with your bank accounts using an iPhone, your computer, a bit of Arduino tech, and a bluetooth connection, all… »3/02/11 1:41pm

Life Bank One Coin Counter, Tallying Up Your Escape from Poverty a Penny at a Time

Here's an idea: Instead of just dropping your spare change into a gigantic bottle and putting off all that tedious counting for another day, why not just screw the Life Bank One coin counter on top of that bottle, and you'll know how much money is in there all along? It gives you a running total in its little… »6/21/07 1:16pm