This Is What It Looks Like To Fly A Plane With Google Glass

Amidst the Google Glass backlash, two pilots at Adventia European College of Aeronautics in Spain set an aviation milestone as they wore Google Glass in the cockpit for the first time using special tools that demonstrate the potential benefits of using the devices while flying an aircraft. » 3/27/14 10:57am 3/27/14 10:57am

What and How Do U-2 Spy Plane Pilots Eat During Their 12 Hour Missions?

Here's a fascinating look at what and how the USAF's finest pilots eat while flying America's favorite spy plane: the A-12. Second only to the A-12 Oxcart and its brother, the SR-71 BlackBird, being a A-12 pilot is an extremely physically demanding job, often requiring 12 hours of flying. » 2/07/13 3:03pm 2/07/13 3:03pm

The Desperate, Terrifying Last Words of the Crashed Air France Flight…

On June 2009, an Air France Airbus 330 crashed in the Atlantic Ocean killing 228 people. According to an investigation, it was a pilot's mistake. This is a recording of the conversation between the Captain and the Junior Pilot, just before crashing. » 8/08/11 6:29pm 8/08/11 6:29pm

Airline Wants Flight Attendants to Land Planes In Case of Emergency

A low-cost airline wants flight attendants to fly airplanes in case of emergency. The reason: Having two pilots in the cockpit is too expensive. That's great, because I really can't wait to see Steven Slater landing a 747 at JFK. » 9/10/10 11:20am 9/10/10 11:20am