You Can Customize These Cardboard Pinball Machines However You Want

There’s a certain appeal to playing a pinball machine that even video game versions can’t perfectly replicate. And with these cheap miniature cardboard versions, pinball fans can finally customize their own machines using a glue gun, hobby knife, and other crafting supplies at their disposal. »7/06/15 12:53pm7/06/15 12:53pm


Get Lost in the Intricate Details of These Amazing Pinball Machines

You may never have noticed, but pinball machines are actually works of art. Yesterday, we featured 50 back glass masterpieces from the collection of PBall Gallery, a pinball museum in Budapest, Hungary. Today, let’s look at all the incredible details of the machines themselves. »6/04/15 5:15pm6/04/15 5:15pm

Pinball, Swords, Bad Air: What's Not Ruining Our Cities This Week

Long-suffering pinball fans can finally play free in Oakland. Swords are being returned to their rightful owners in New York City. And America is breathing better air than we have in a decade. Sometimes we like to look at the brighter side of urban life. It's our peek at What's Not Ruining Our Cities Anymore. »6/28/14 1:00pm6/28/14 1:00pm

Magic pinball gets perfectly stuck between a bumper and kicker forever

You can play a pinball machine forever and not have a pinball hit at a more perfect angle than this. Look at it bounce back and forth and back and forth and back and forth forever between a bumper and kicker. If only every pinball game was so easy. According to YouTube user lilmul123, this went on for a few minutes… »4/04/14 10:09pm4/04/14 10:09pm

How One Perfect Shot Saved Pinball From Being Illegal

In May of 1976 in New York City, Roger Sharpe watched nervously as city council members piled into a Manhattan courtroom. Reporters and camera operators had already begun setting up, eagerly anticipating the proceedings ahead. Roger, a young magazine writer for GQ and the New York Times among others, did not expect… »8/16/13 12:00pm8/16/13 12:00pm

Hot Wheels' Crazy Carcade Is a Demolition Derby In a Pinball Machine

If you thought it was intense when Hot Wheels cars zoomed around loops, narrowly missing each other at high speed intersections that would make a civil engineer fall to his knees and cry, Hot Wheel's new Carcade might give you a heart attack. And if your favorite speed is "10 mph under the limit," the same applies. »2/12/13 1:40pm2/12/13 1:40pm

Pins and Needles Arcade Is the Most Fun You'll Ever Have In a Warehouse

Real arcades are slowly becoming a thing of the past. When was the last time you saw a pinball machine in the wild, flashing and dinging its siren call for quarters? Fortunately there are reservations for the endangered little big guys, and Pins and Needles is one you'll wish was in a warehouse in your neighborhood. »1/20/13 6:30pm1/20/13 6:30pm

How Pinball Machines Became Legal Again With One Shot

Here's your pinball history lesson for the day: In 1942, pinball machines were deemed gambling devices and made illegal in New York City, prompting police to seize and destroy some 3000 machines. That law was reversed, according to the NYT, "in 1976, when a 26-year old pinball wizard named Roger Sharpe predicted - and… »3/04/11 10:37am3/04/11 10:37am