Intel Trims Netbooks To Just Half an Inch Thick, Adds Dual-Core Atom…

The bad news: Intel's new dual-core Atom processors won't be appreciably more powerful than what's in your netbook now. The good news: a Pine Trail netbook reference design Intel introduced today at Computex is only slightly thicker than an iPhone. » 6/01/10 12:00am 6/01/10 12:00am

Next-Generation Nvidia Ion Is a Dedicated GPU That Powers Up Netbooks…

Netbook graphics are inherently weak, especially with Intel's much-derided integrated graphics. But the new Nvidia Ion—like its predecessor—lets even a wimpy netbook Hulk out to play DX10 games and 1080p videos. The difference? It's a discrete graphics chip. » 3/02/10 12:00am 3/02/10 12:00am

Oak Trail Is Name Of Intel Atom Z-Series Replacement (Supposedly)

Intel is moving from conifers to deciduous trees as inspiration for its next Atom Z-series platform, if PC Watch is correct. The Z-series is residing in netbooks and ultra-portables such as the Vaio P from Sony, but with Moorestown not compatible with Windows it makes sense Intel would need a new processor. » 2/19/10 7:18am 2/19/10 7:18am

Nvidia Optimus Switches Seamlessly Between Amped Up and Power-Sipping…

We've seen a ton of Core i5 notebooks recently, all loaded with Intel's impotent integrated graphics, which are part of the chip. Now, Nvidia's Optimus enables PCs to switch automatically between Intel's crappy integrated graphics and Nvidia's beefier graphics cards. » 2/09/10 9:00am 2/09/10 9:00am

Next-Gen Nvidia Ion Is Pine-Trail-Compatible, Promises Better…

Intel's Pine Trail Atom chips are pretty disappointing in the power department, so it's good to see Nvidia step up with a new, Pine-Trail-compatible line of Ion chips. If you want to watch HD YouTube on a netbook, read on. » 12/22/09 11:20pm 12/22/09 11:20pm

Rumor: Graphics-Infused Atom "Pineview" Processor Slated for Q4 Release

Digitimes has it from one of their annoyingly anonymous, sometimes accurate "industry insiders" that the N450 Pineview, one of Intel's next-gen Pine Trail Atoms, which boast built-in GPUs and memory controllers for slightly improved graphics performance and massively improved battery life, will ship in Q4—October at the… » 6/10/09 7:14am 6/10/09 7:14am

Intel's Next-Gen Atom Puts CPU and GPU on One Fun-Lovin' Chip

Along with its neato Moblin 2.0 netbook OS, Intel's also laid in more detail out what the next generation of Atom looks like—Pineview integrates the CPU, GPU and memory controller onto one chip, making the platform cheaper and less power-hungry overall. » 5/21/09 10:20am 5/21/09 10:20am