A 625 Pinhole Camera Rig Is the Craziest Way to Shoot Bullet Time Video

We've seen a few crazy bullet time rigs in our day, but this one might take the cake both for "coolest" and "most over the top." For the music video of London Grammar's “Wasting My Young Years” photographers put together a setup that used a whopping 625 pinhole cameras to awesomely stop time. It's ridiculous. »5/25/13 3:00pm5/25/13 3:00pm

Pinhole Cameras That Are Actually Meant To Be Used

If you've been searching for a pinhole camera to enjoy and then pass on to your children, you're in luck. Industrial designer and carpenter Elvis Halilović has created a beautiful line of handmade pinhole cameras. Wait, you haven't been looking for that? Huh. Okay. Nonetheless! These oddly compelling wooden boxes will… »5/19/13 8:00pm5/19/13 8:00pm

Printoutable Pinhole Cameras: Old, New Imaging Tech Collide

Did you ever do a pinhole camera experiment in school? No? You missed out on some good long-exposure fun. But now you can catch up: the folks at picture agency Corbis have got a bunch of strange designs you can print out, stick to some card and turn into your very own pinhole camera. The idea is that you stick some… »4/02/08 10:10am4/02/08 10:10am