Five Years On, the World's Largest Photo Is Still the World's Largest…

In an age where TV makers and the like are constantly outdoing one another with new "world's largest" claims, it's refreshing to discover that something so analog—a pinhole camera's photo—is still the world's largest, five years on. » 5/23/11 4:30am 5/23/11 4:30am

Pinholo: the Pun-Tastic Pinhole Camera in a Pine-Nut

In a charming example of wordplay, Italian photography student Francesco Capponi took the Italian word "pinolo" (pine-nut) and turned it into Pinholo, the pine-nut pinhole camera. I could be wrong, but this could be the world's smallest pinhole camera. Even smaller than this dinky little camera, and most definitely… » 4/28/11 8:20am 4/28/11 8:20am