If the Color Pink Doesn't Scientifically Exist, Why Can We See It?

Absent from the visible spectrum and neither a wave nor a particle, the color pink is, for many, a scientific enigma: how can a shade that doesn't even appear in the rainbow exist? The answer lies in color theory. » 11/14/13 6:00am 11/14/13 6:00am

There's No Such Thing as the Color Pink

Want to have your brain blown for a few minutes today? Dip your head in some physics, and realize that there's no such thing as pink. Scientifically speaking, that is: it's just something our brain makes up. » 10/18/11 9:03am 10/18/11 9:03am

HP Slashes Its WebOS Division By 500 Employees

HP handed out pink slips to employees in its webOS Global Business Unit on Monday. The computer company wouldn't say how many workers it was letting go, but rumors suggest over 500 people are now unemployed. [AllThingsD] » 9/19/11 11:20pm 9/19/11 11:20pm

More Kin Dirt Surfaces

If people had talked this much about Kin while it was still alive, it might have stood a chance. Oh well! The battle continues to rage over who gets the write the final chapter in Kin's history. » 7/07/10 4:06pm 7/07/10 4:06pm

Microsoft Kin: The Perfect Phone for Sidekick Fans

Microsoft's Project Pink—sorry, Kin—in a sentence: It's the phone I'd beg my mom for if I was 15 again. And didn't want an iPhone. » 4/12/10 1:05pm 4/12/10 1:05pm

Microsoft Pink's Final Name Revealed

It's either stupidly long names like Microsoft Windows Phone Series 7 or monosyllables like Kin, the final moniker for Microsoft's Turtle and Pure Pink phones. The Kin One or the Kin Two, according to this Verizon database. [PhoneArena via 9to5] » 4/12/10 9:00am 4/12/10 9:00am

First Shots and Specs of Microsoft's Secret Project Pink Phone

These are the first photos of Microsoft's Project Pink phones, snatched from deep within the bowels of the Microsoft/Verizon industrio-complex —not the Turtle, but the larger, Sidekick-like Pure. This doesn't look like Windows Phone 7, so what is it? » 3/04/10 1:58pm 3/04/10 1:58pm

Leaked Documents: Microsoft's Secret Phones Coming to Verizon

After the Windows Phone 7 launch passed without so much as a mention of Project Pink, Microsoft's other new phone project started to fade into memory. Today, we can confirm: Pink's coming, and Verizon's the carrier. UPDATE: First live shots. » 3/04/10 9:40am 3/04/10 9:40am

Project Pink Lives, or, Why Windows Phone 7 Is Only Half the Story

Ok ok ok, rewind a few weeks. Before WinPho 7 trundled into the daylight, the strongest evidence we had for a new product from Microsoft actually centered around something else: The long-rumored, utterly mysterious Project Pink. So, err, what happened? » 2/19/10 9:44am 2/19/10 9:44am

Microsoft Turtle and Pure Dumbphones Run on Silverlight, Powered by…

With Windows Phone 7 out, everyone has forgotten about the other Microsoft handsets, the allegedly Sidekick-derived Turtle and Pure cellphones. Someone got a peek into the firmware, which confirms some of the rumors about these "not-so-dumb cellphones". » 2/16/10 10:54am 2/16/10 10:54am

Panasonic's GF1 Micro Four Thirds Appearing In Silver and "Pink Fairy"…

While new colorways aren't exactly our bag, we'll make an exception for the Panasonic GF1 just because it's so damned cool. It'll be available in silver and pink options from March 12th. [Panasonic via Akihabara News] » 2/12/10 4:27am 2/12/10 4:27am

The "Next Generation" of Microsoft Phones Making Cameos All Over the…

Rumors about Microsoft's mobile plan are evolving, weirdly! Today, we've got dueling speculation: from Twitter, evidence of new "Danger" hardware; from Microsoft, mention of "the next generation of Windows Phone." It's mystery meat, this stuff, but at least it's juicy. » 1/21/10 11:19am 1/21/10 11:19am

The Cause of the Great Sidekick Fiasco? “All Signs Point to Sabotage”

This past week's Sidekick data disaster was so extraordinary, you would think that either T-mobile or Microsoft would issue an explanation. There's one insider who might have the reason why one hasn't come yet: it was an inside job. » 10/14/09 1:00am 10/14/09 1:00am

Microsoft's Project Pink Probably Killed Off the Sidekick and Itself

The crazy Sidekick data mess might be the least troubling thing to happen to fans of the platform. The latest rumors, which build off of previous Pink rumors, say that the platform is pretty much dead. Dead, dead, dead, dead. » 10/12/09 6:18pm 10/12/09 6:18pm

How Screwed Up Is Microsoft Pink? Hint: It's Named After Pink the Singer

Another alleged insider has starting spilling—flinging?—beans about Microsoft's Pink project, enthusiastically piling the hate atop earlier claims that the project was under dire threat of cancellation, for sucking. This time, the rumors come via AppleInsider, and they get personal: » 10/09/09 11:51am 10/09/09 11:51am

Microsoft On Phone Hardware: "No, We're Not Going To Do That"

Microsoft's been consistently cagey about whether or not they'll make their own phone hardware "like Zune and Xbox," but today at a Windows Mobile roundtable, Robbie "Not Glacial" Bach put it straight: It's not happening. Officially. » 10/06/09 2:17pm 10/06/09 2:17pm

Turtle and Pure Pink Phones May Be Just Next-Gen Sidekicks

Cnet's Ina Fried says the Microsoft Pink phones leaked yesterday are "more the evolution of the Sidekick" using Windows Mobile as the core OS, and in addition to Microsoft's main phone push. What's interesting is the reason Microsoft bought Danger. » 9/24/09 2:20pm 9/24/09 2:20pm

The Pink Phone Pictures Microsoft Doesn't Want You To See Yet

Project Pink is Microsoft's secret new phone, their first major phone play since the iPhone. Here are the first pictures of Pink phones, Turtle and Pure. » 9/23/09 6:30pm 9/23/09 6:30pm