NASA Sponsoring $2M Flying Car Contest; Time Machine Contest Coming Next

Despite the skepticism that justly confronts any mention of a "flying car," what with the disaster that expecting people who can barely drive a car to learn to fly a personal plane would be, NASA seems pretty optimistic about the idea. In fact, they're holding a $2 million contest to entice people to design flying… » 8/06/07 11:45am 8/06/07 11:45am

Researchers in India Say They Can Build a Laptop for $10

Those industrious Indians are so smart. To hell with that one laptop per child (OLPC, pictured above) project whose notebook price started at $100 and now costs upwards of $175 and climbing—Indian researchers say they can bring one in for a fraction of that cost, a mere $10 for a fully-functioning laptop PC. The idea… » 5/11/07 10:26am 5/11/07 10:26am