Future Soldiers Could Go to War Wearing Fish-Scale Armor

Piranha have a well-earned reputation for being able and willing to eat just about anything in their path. One of the few exceptions is the Arapaima, a six-foot long, 300-pound Amazonian predator with bony scales capable of withstanding the toothy onslaught. Researchers are now working to adapt the Arapaima's defenses… »2/11/12 1:00am2/11/12 1:00am

Razer Announces Scary-Sounding Lycosa Keyboard and Piranha Headset

Razer unveils its Lycosa keyboard and Piranha headset today, adding to its lineup of gamer-specific peripherals such as its impressive 4000dpi Razer 3G mouse teased last summer and shipping this month. The wicked-looking Lycosa keyboard has illuminated nonslip rubber keys and a 1000Hz polling rate that the company… »10/04/07 12:30pm10/04/07 12:30pm