This $5 Million Piece of Art Is a 1 Terabyte Hard Drive Filled with…

This hard drive contains software like Adobe's Font Collection, a 124GB music collection, tons of games, books and more. All the files were downloaded illegally and is supposed to represent, I'm assuming here, the freedom and/or piracy of art. » 8/23/11 5:00pm 8/23/11 5:00pm

Fox's 8-Day Hulu Delay on TV Shows Is a Boon to Piracy

You play with fire and you'll get burned. Fox, which recently delayed new episodes of TV shows from streaming on Hulu until 8 days after they've aired, has already seen a spike in piracy for those shows. » 8/22/11 12:07pm 8/22/11 12:07pm

Ahoy! Is This Not the Most Magical Pirate Bedroom You've Ever Seen?

I dare you to find a cooler father than Steve Kuhl, who built this pirate ship bedroom for his six year old son. If this doesn't add value to their Minnesota house, nothing will. Not even a gold-plated Jacuzzi. » 3/07/11 2:20pm 3/07/11 2:20pm

Lots of Booty Found on Blackbeard's Pirate Ship

The odd mess in this photo is a copper-alloy sword guard discovered in a shipwreck which is believed to be Queen Anne's Revenge. Yes, that was the name of Pirate Blackbeard's ship—and yes, this could be his sword. » 1/14/11 11:47pm 1/14/11 11:47pm

File-Sharing Group Mulls a Floating Pirate Ship of Servers in the Sky

Pirate Parties International recently had a meeting wherein a particularly bonkers proposal was discussed. The problem: Where can servers that store data frequently seen as unsavory be kept? The solution: Hanging from a giant balloon in the sky? » 10/23/10 11:00am 10/23/10 11:00am

How To Pirate Vinyl Records

Just because vinyl records are analog, it doesn't mean you can't pirate them. All you need is a wood box, glass, window cement, silicone mixture, liquid plastic and a drill press. Hey, I didn't say it was going to be easy. » 7/29/10 10:40pm 7/29/10 10:40pm

Sweden Will Soon Have The World's First Pirate ISP

Piratpartiet, Sweden's copyright-fighting political party, apparently plans to launch and fund an anonymized pirate-friendly ISP. And their sneaky ploy is actually quite clever: » 7/21/10 6:00pm 7/21/10 6:00pm

At Long Last, The Pirate Bay Shuts Down Its Tracker

The Pirate Bay has been in Zombie Pirate™ mode for months now, but one of the last remnants of its halcyon days has been sent to sea on a burning boat: their tracker—the biggest in the world—is gone. » 11/17/09 10:23am 11/17/09 10:23am

Ahoy! Cloned Pirate Bay Site Sets Sail

Remember that Pirate Bay user who archived the site's entire torrent index earlier this week? It's available for all to download, but he's now used it to create a full replica site. You can check it out at [TorrentFreak] » 8/21/09 4:18am 8/21/09 4:18am

Get The Pirate Bay's Torrent Archive With One Massive 21.3GB Download

With the Pirate Bay set to close in the next few days, one anonymous user has put together a single massive archive of all 873,671 torrent files hosted on its servers. » 8/17/09 6:30am 8/17/09 6:30am

Pirate Bay Bought Out, Suddenly Respects Copyrights

The Pirate Bay has been (effectively) acquired by a gaming company called Global Gaming Factory X, who is plunking down nearly $8 million for the privilege. Their grand, surprising plan for the Pirate Bay is to pay content providers. Seriously. » 6/30/09 5:40am 6/30/09 5:40am

If You Publicly Proclaim You're Going to Pirate a Movie, You Will Get…

I have the feeling Miramax is sending the wrong message here: After bemoaning the lack of an Adventureland torrent on Twitter, Amanda got a vaguely threatening reply from MiramaxFilms, which then offered her free tickets. » 4/13/09 8:30pm 4/13/09 8:30pm

Thanko Magnetic Earring-Clip Earphones Can Make You Look like a Pirate

Thanko's Sounds Live magnetic earphones aren't quite in-the ear, and they don't have a head-strap: instead these odd gizmos clip onto your earlobe and have a speaker that points roughly into your ear canal. I guess it's kinda like the the bone-conducting » 9/19/08 4:25am 9/19/08 4:25am type headphones in that you can hear your surroundings, and if…

Microsoft Developing Copyright Filter for Zune, Will Block Pirated…

Yesterday, NBC jumped aboard Starship Zune after its protracted breakup with iTunes. It's clear why—and going with NBC's pricing was only part of it. Saul at the NYTimes says that Microsoft has agreed to develop a copyright filter that would block pirated content from being played on Zunes. Which is exactly what NBC… » 5/07/08 6:40pm 5/07/08 6:40pm

Japanese ISPs Plan To Cut Off P2P Pirates

Japanese internet service providers plan on disconnecting evil filesharing pirates in some of the most severe anti-p2p tactics worldwide. Due to pressure from music, video game and movie companies, the ISPs would warn the offender via email before cutting the cord if the bootlegger in question didn't cease and desist.… » 3/15/08 6:30pm 3/15/08 6:30pm

Sleek R/C Ninja and Swarthy Pirate Fight it Out In Your Own Home

First we showed you the remote control pirate ship, and now we introduce to you the pirate himself, in a vicious R/C battle against his ninja nemesis. Of course, since ninjas are superior to pirates in every way, this should be no contest. Jump to the next page to watch the video of the two inflatable warriors duking… » 11/20/07 12:36pm 11/20/07 12:36pm

Pirate App For iPhone Honors Talk Like a Dumbass Day

Pirates are stupid. Ninjas are where it's at. But if you somehow have the misguided notion that pirates are cool, there's this iPhone pirate app that lets you take a picture of someone and make them into a pirate. » 9/19/07 12:28pm 9/19/07 12:28pm