Thanko Magnetic Earring-Clip Earphones Can Make You Look like a Pirate

Thanko's Sounds Live magnetic earphones aren't quite in-the ear, and they don't have a head-strap: instead these odd gizmos clip onto your earlobe and have a speaker that points roughly into your ear canal. I guess it's kinda like the the bone-conducting »9/19/08 4:25am9/19/08 4:25am type headphones in that you can hear your surroundings, and if…

Microsoft Developing Copyright Filter for Zune, Will Block Pirated Content

Yesterday, NBC jumped aboard Starship Zune after its protracted breakup with iTunes. It's clear why—and going with NBC's pricing was only part of it. Saul at the NYTimes says that Microsoft has agreed to develop a copyright filter that would block pirated content from being played on Zunes. Which is exactly what NBC… »5/07/08 6:40pm5/07/08 6:40pm

Sleek R/C Ninja and Swarthy Pirate Fight it Out In Your Own Home

First we showed you the remote control pirate ship, and now we introduce to you the pirate himself, in a vicious R/C battle against his ninja nemesis. Of course, since ninjas are superior to pirates in every way, this should be no contest. Jump to the next page to watch the video of the two inflatable warriors duking… »11/20/07 12:36pm11/20/07 12:36pm