A Magician Used The First Pirate Radio Station To Troll A Scientist

Everyone knows Marconi was one of the world's most disagreeable scientists. What they don't know is he was surrounded by people nearly as disagreeable as himself. And that a famous demonstration of his "wireless" was taken over by a magician-turned-skeptic-turned-pirate. » 1/26/15 10:18am 1/26/15 10:18am

Four Crazy Radio Concepts to Celebrate National Inventor's Day

Today is National Inventor's Day, in honor of Thomas Edison, and Giz is going to celebrate it with some designs from the Work In Progress show by students at London's Royal College of Art. There are no less than four concept radios in the show, including this one by Mikael Silvanto, which melds a slide rule with an… » 2/11/08 7:53am 2/11/08 7:53am