Leaked Slides Reveal Hollywood's Blind Google Fiber Fears

Who doesn't like blindingly fast internet? Movie studios who don't want people to watch their movies, apparently. A leaked survey obtained by TorrentFreak shows studios fretting over how Google Fiber's rapid advance—the company announced in February its plans to expand to 34 U.S. cities—could increase piracy, while… »12/29/14 6:33pm12/29/14 6:33pm

Judge Rules You Can't Be (Definitively) Identified by Your IP Address

Common sense dictates that an IP address is just a number associated with a connection, and not a human being. Copyright crusaders aren't exactly known for loads of common sense and rationality. Thankfully, a New York judge has ruled that an IP address alone is not enough to pin illegal downloads on a specific person. »5/03/12 9:43am5/03/12 9:43am

Xbox 360 Update Patches Exploits, Kills Linux and Pirated Games

Microsoft's finally patching the wicked s'ploits on the Xbox 360, which have been around since November and demoed in December, with a somewhat mandatory patch. They're pushing the update as an update instead of a security fix, and is "pulling a Sony" and including the update in all games that are published after… »3/06/07 6:00am3/06/07 6:00am

Fox Hunting YouTube User for Uploading 24 and Simpsons Episodes

20th Century Fox smacked YouTube with a subpoena yesterday demanding the Google-owned company rat out the identity of one of its users who allegedly uploaded un-aired episodes of "24" and repeats of "The Simpsons." Fox is claiming "irreparable harm" in justifying its hunt for the the YouTube user who goes by the name… »1/25/07 12:33pm1/25/07 12:33pm