The Duck's Foot Pistol Put a Firing Squad in the Palm of Your Hand

Flintlock pistols may have been super effective against single opponents because, as Boris the Bullet Dodger once said, "If it doesn't work you can always hit them with it." Against groups, however, they were comically useless—that is, until enterprising gunsmiths added some extra barrels. » 9/10/12 5:20pm 9/10/12 5:20pm

Qaddafi Died Packing a Giant Golden Gun

Qaddafi: dictator, despot, dead, man of immense style. If you knew your reign of shitty terror was moribund, wouldn't you want to go out in style? And so he did, wielding this gold pistol to the very end. » 10/20/11 4:42pm 10/20/11 4:42pm

Glock's 25th Anniversary Pistol Is Limited Edition But You Can Probably…

Limited edition usually means there's a slim chance of getting your hands on the object in question, but in Glock's 25th anniversary pistol's case, you could very well be one of 2,500 people to own one. » 4/29/11 5:00am 4/29/11 5:00am

Every Nerf Gun Should Look This Amazing

Nerf guns are fun, but sometimes it's hard to use one without looking like you're at an 8 year old's birthday party. One toy gun tinkerer, however, made his own—and it's like something out of a Bond flick. » 1/17/11 11:40am 1/17/11 11:40am

DIY Pistol Shoots Out Blocks So You Can Win at Jenga Every Time

The essence of cheating is secrecy, so this DIY wooden Jenga pistol is going to be ineffective in that regard. However, the ability to blast blocks cleanly from the tower does make the game more exciting. » 3/11/09 5:20pm 3/11/09 5:20pm

Palm Pistol: Grandma is Going On a Toodle Shootin' Rampage

Thanks to the Second Amendment, even the elderly have the right to keep and bear arms. The problem is that many of the guns out there are a bit unwieldy for an older person to handle. However, the inventors of the Palm Pistol are planning to change all that with a weapon that is ideal for both the elderly and the… » 10/27/08 10:45am 10/27/08 10:45am

Pistol Stilettos Can Really Hurt to Walk In

Surely these pistol stilettos adorned by Madonna at her recent directorial debut can't be packing real guns. Then again, if we had to listen to that much pretentious bullshit coming from our own mouths at all times, we might need our personal escape plan at arm's reach, too. [ If Heels Could Talk » 10/24/08 8:40am 10/24/08 8:40am via NSFW]

Novint Falcon Controller with Gun Attachment Reviewed (Verdict: Awesome)

It has been almost a year since we first heard that Novint would add a pistol grip accessory » 9/12/08 7:00pm 9/12/08 7:00pm to their 3D Haptic Joystick—but the update has yet to hit the market. Nonetheless, got a chance to play a few FPS games with the add-on and were blown away by the level of feedback and control, saying that it completely…

Pneumatic Antenna Launcher is Not for Dribblers

Getting an antenna into prime position is often a little challenging. Well, not anymore; checkout this awesome antenna launcher mod. Powered like a regular air pistol, it depends on pressurized gas to generate force, which then enables it to shoot a light line over a tree. » 3/02/08 1:20pm 3/02/08 1:20pm

Pistol Cams May Keep an Eye on Trigger Happy Cops

Police in both Orange County, California and Newburgh, New York are on the brink of field testing the PistolCam —a 1.5-ounce camera fitted below the barrel of sidearms. As soon as an officer draws the weapon, the PistolCam begins recording both video and audio. Naturally, this technology could prove extremely useful… » 10/30/07 6:20pm 10/30/07 6:20pm

Actual Pics of the Halo 3 Covenant Guns

Bungie's just put out an update and given us real pictures of the Halo 3 Toys Covenant guns. The plasma rifle looks somewhat similar to the "real" thing (the gun in the game), but the plasma pistol looks really bleh. Real Covenant aliens wouldn't be caught dead with a turquoise gun. However, it will have a "super… » 7/30/07 3:10pm 7/30/07 3:10pm

Channel Changer Gun Vents Your Anger at This Season's Writing on 24

Shooting your TV is bad (haven't you seen that episode of The Simpsons?). Shooting it with a remote that's shaped like a gun is slightly better. » 3/12/07 6:15pm 3/12/07 6:15pm