Watch a master pizza maker make deliciously perfect pizza

A.W. Mangieri is the chef at famed Una Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco and he makes pizzas. Fantastic, simple and delicious 12-inch Neapolitan pizzas that look absolutely perfect. I've never had them but I can totally smell and taste them through this video. Plus, Mangieri seems a little crazy about pizza so they… » 9/27/14 12:58am Saturday 12:58am

Seeing frozen pizza get made looks a lot like CGI

It kind of makes sense for frozen pizzas to look so fake. As delicious as frozen pizza can be—and trust me, I think they're fantastic—they're barely food. They're more like sodium-laced stripped wheat frisbees topped with spiced rubber parts. Here's how frozen pizza is made in a big factory. If you pretend it's CGI,… » 7/03/14 12:52am 7/03/14 12:52am

Pizza Slice Pizza Plates Are a Classier Way To Serve Pizza Pie

Paper plates might be ok in a barbecue scenario, or for serving birthday cake, but a greasy pizza will make short work of what little structural integrity they had to begin with. When a slice of pepperoni pie is on the menu, there's no better way to serve it up than on a set of these pizza graphic plates. » 5/31/14 5:00pm 5/31/14 5:00pm

This dude has eaten only cheese pizza for the last 25 years

This is Dan, a 38-old-year old woodworker from Maryland who claims he has only eaten pizza for the last 25 years. Cheese pizza. Exclusively. He says he didn't stop eating it despite being diagnosed with diabetes. That's when doctors told him he had to change his diet if he didn't want to lose his life or his limbs. » 3/01/14 2:26am 3/01/14 2:26am

Chevron: Sorry Our Gas Well Exploded, Here's a Free Pizza

If you live in the small, rural town of Bobtown, Pennyslvania, you woke up to quite a scare last week courtesy of a pretty horrible explosion over at Chevron's nearby fracking site. So how's Chevron going to quell fears about that giant column of flames and possible residual toxins? Who cares! Your next large pizza… » 2/18/14 1:00pm 2/18/14 1:00pm

The Army's Perfecting a Pizza That Lasts for Years and Years

Life is hard for soldiers in the battlefield, so when the troops want something that might make things a little more bearable—say, a particular food item in their meal rations—the military listens. And right now, soldiers want pizza. They want it bad. And it looks like they're finally going to get it. » 2/14/14 12:40pm 2/14/14 12:40pm

A Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter Guarantees Perfectly Proportioned Slices

If you're getting delivery, your pizza already comes pre-sliced. But if you're making it at home, when cutting up that pie you'd better make sure everyone gets the same-sized slice lest you start a family feud that could go on for generations. And since nobody wants that, ThinkGeek created this brilliant laser-guided… » 11/20/13 12:20pm 11/20/13 12:20pm

A Mathematician Found the Formula For the Perfectly Proportioned Pizza

Making pizza at home can be healthier and cheaper than getting delivery, and you can customize it exactly how you prefer. But nailing down the size and amount of toppings for the perfect pie can be tricky, or at least it was until a mathematician from the University of Sheffield developed an actual formula that… » 10/21/13 10:40am 10/21/13 10:40am