SlingNerds Rejoice: Slingbox Pro-HD and SlingCatcher Finally Available for Pre-Order

The Slingers are giddy today: After a long wait, many good things are happening with their favorite placeshifter. The Slingbox Pro-HD » 9/10/08 7:18pm 9/10/08 7:18pm, which lets you sling 1080i content around a local area network, and the , a set-top box intended to receive content from other Slingboxes, are both available for pre-order, $300 a pop,…

Sony LF-V30 LocationFree Video Streamer Reviewed (Verdict: Not Bad)

Ever since Sony introduced us to the LF-V30 LocationFree Base Station last summer, we were wondering if this place-shifting Slingbox precursor could deliver the goods. Now our buddies at Maximum PC have taken the VAIO-branded video streamer for a test drive, calling the image quality from its new HD-source-handling… » 10/19/07 12:06pm 10/19/07 12:06pm

Honest Technology's Placeshifting IPTV and Surveillance Device

The IP Box from Honest Technology has two practical functions. One of these is place-shifting, sending the TV channels you have at home through your broadband connection to your remote device. You can keep an eye on CNN with your laptop or PDA while you're out in the world, wheeling and dealing. The video is… » 8/31/06 5:00pm 8/31/06 5:00pm

Mac Slingbox Users Wanted by Sling Media for Limited Beta

Sling Media broke Mac users' hearts a few weeks ago when they announced that the Mac version of SlingPlayer, the software used to interface with the company's place shifting Slingbox, would be delayed until around September. However, they did mention that they would launch a a private beta in July; the time is nigh,… » 7/12/06 9:35am 7/12/06 9:35am