Whoa, this YouTube video will hurt you when you watch it

We've all heard about the placebo effect but what about the nocebo effect? That's when you take something completely harmless but begin to think something harmful is happening to your body. This informative video by CGP Grey takes a deeper dive on it and reveals how some studies showed people gaining rashes from… »12/23/13 7:18pm12/23/13 7:18pm

Watch and Learn Everything About the Amazing Placebo Effect

The placebo effect is so strange and mysterious, how can fake pills trick ourselves out into feeling better? This video explains all the interesting properties of a placebo, like how one placebo can be half as effective as aspirin while another placebo can be half as effective as morphine. Watch it. [Laughing Squid] »10/05/11 12:40pm10/05/11 12:40pm