New Subway Car Design Proposals Aim To Minimize Stranger Danger

It might be time for new subway cars, and the New York Transit Authority wants to do it right. So they sent a group of researchers into the subways to stare at straphangers over three weeks and make everyone super uncomfortable. Plus gather data or whatever. » 4/14/13 3:00pm 4/14/13 3:00pm

Verizon's Secret Shared Data Plans (Updated)

Computer World has discovered that Verizon has a range of shared data plans on offer that don't appear on its website—they're only available if you know about them and ask in-store or over the phone. (UPDATE: Actually they are online, hiding in plain sight. > Shop > Smartphones> select a phone and… » 8/08/12 5:47am 8/08/12 5:47am

Leaked Document Suggests AT&T Is Retiring Its $10/1000 Text Messaging…

A leaked internal AT&T document that landed in the hands of Engadget suggests the carrier is axing its $10/1000 messages text messaging plan effective August 21st. The only available text messaging option will be the $20 unlimited plan. [Engadget] » 8/18/11 12:08am 8/18/11 12:08am

Texts Warning of National Emergencies Will be Sent by Obama Later This…

NYers and Washingtonians will soon be able to elect to be on the SMS-list in case of emergencies. More terrorism/nature emergencies than "there's a cat stuck in the tree on 112th Avenue!," the service will go live later this year. » 5/11/11 10:35am 5/11/11 10:35am

You Could Use Up Your Verizon LTE Data Allowance In Just Half an Hour

Verizon's LTE is coming, and it's fast! Fast enough to burn through your entire 5GB monthly data quota in 32 minutes, according to PC Mag. How much were those overage charges, again? » 12/03/10 10:09am 12/03/10 10:09am

Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: What Lies Beneath Edition

In today's Remainders: things lurking below the surface. Literally, a fuel cell-powered fish. Less literally, ISP's seething contempt for the FCC's new National Broadband Plan. Also: Samsung's David Lee Roth tablet love and a helicopter with rocket-powered blades. Yikes. » 3/16/10 5:50pm 3/16/10 5:50pm

Unconfirmed: iPhone Data Plan Revealed

Boy Genius has a tip from a "high up source" that the iPhone data plan is going to be around $34.99 to $44.99, have unlimited data, and somewhere between 2000 text messages to unlimited text messages. Oh, and it may just be called the iPlan. » 6/25/07 2:10pm 6/25/07 2:10pm

Guessing the iPhone's Voice, Data Plan Cost

Business 2.0 has a nice guess on how much the iPhone's data and voice plan is going to cost. Instead of an all-you-can-eat plan that Wilson speculated on, Biz is estimating based on current BlackBerry fees. » 6/25/07 12:30pm 6/25/07 12:30pm