Runco Weatherproof Plasma Is For Rich People Who Like Pina Coladas...

...and getting caught in the rain. The $9,000 Runco Climate Portfolio WP-42HD outdoor plasma is built to withstand "adverse environmental conditions including temperature, exposure to moisture, dust, oils and intermittent direct water spray." It has a sealed aluminum housing and internal ventilation, along with jacks… »10/23/07 11:51am10/23/07 11:51am

Planar Projector Screen Absorbs Ambient Light, Looks Like a Plasma

The one thing that's always kept me from going the projector route (aside from not having the space for a monster screen) has been the way projector screens tend to wash out when there's light in the room. Well, Planar's hoping to change that with their new Xscreen. What it does is it absorbs light so that your… »2/02/07 2:26pm2/02/07 2:26pm