What Happens When You Give A Bunch Of Hotshot Pilots GoPros

Some of the best pilots in the US Navy are assigned to fly Super Hornets from the USS George Washington. But just because you're the best at what you do, doesn't mean it's all seriousness, hard work, and downright tedium. Most of the time it looks like it's nothing but pure, unadulterated, capital-A Awesome. » 4/19/14 4:28pm Saturday 4:28pm

This Is How The US Navy Is Searching For Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is missing. That much we know. Unfortunately, what we don't know includes where in the world it might be, let alone what happened to it. But the US Navy is in the Indian Ocean right now, trying to help find it. This is what they're doing. » 3/17/14 5:12pm 3/17/14 5:12pm

The Flying Crowbar: The Insane Doomsday Weapon America Almost Built

The Cold War had plenty of disadvantages for the world as a whole, true, but there was never a better time to be a mad scientist with crazy doomsday devices. No longer limited to freelance work delivering threats to the UN, the Cold War meant governments would actually hire you to make things. Things like Project… » 10/03/13 9:58am 10/03/13 9:58am

Mind-Blowing NASA Photos Of Fighter Jets Show How A Shockwave Forms

Using telescopes and a photography technique used to capture the flow around moving objects, scientists at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center managed to capture some incredible images that show exactly what a jet does to the air when it goes supersonic. » 9/26/13 11:58am 9/26/13 11:58am

How Honda Revealed The Government's Top Secret Stealth Bomber First

The aircraft known in popular culture as the stealth bomber was built with nearly a decade of work, billions of dollars, and total secrecy from the U.S. government. Even the contractors who worked on it didn't always know what it was. So how did a Japanese carmaker reveal it before the Air Force? » 7/08/13 6:56pm 7/08/13 6:56pm

Investigators Hint Real Cause Of The TWA 800 Air Disaster Covered Up

Easily one of the most notorious disasters of the 1990s was the crash of TWA Flight 800 in July 1996, which killed 230 people on their way from New York's JFK Airport to Paris. The probable cause of the crash was determined to be an accidental fuel tank explosion, but a new documentary is challenging that theory. » 6/19/13 5:19pm 6/19/13 5:19pm

This Man Had The Equivalent Of A Teleportation Device In 1901

I try not to seek out the "best" of anything. The idea of best is so subjective, it becomes useless. Try picking a "best" car, for example. I'll save you the hassle: you can't. But there is one exception. It's for the overall concept of personal transportation, and the person who did it best was Alberto Santos-Dumont. » 6/06/13 2:29pm 6/06/13 2:29pm