An 8,000 Pixel by 8,000 Pixel Big Ass Screen Is Coming to Chicago

The Adler Planetarium just renovated the Grainger Sky Theater with a big honking screen. The display will mimic being in space with a 8,000 by 8,000 pixel screen that's supposed to deliver "the largest single seamless digital image in the world". For reference, typical movie screens 'only' spit out 2k by 4k pixel… »4/26/11 7:31pm4/26/11 7:31pm

Io9 Jumps Into Japan's Newest 3D Planetarium, the Synra Dome

io9's and Tokyo Mango's Lisa Katayama has explored the Tokyo Science Museum's newest 3D planetarium theater, the Synra Dome, and reported back with all the tech specs we've been dying to know. Synra uses twelve projectors to throw images onto a 33-foot, 3000x3000 pixel single-paneled screen. A pair of $200 3D glasses… »10/17/08 1:15am10/17/08 1:15am