This Spacecraft Will Hunt the Solar System for Asteroids to Mine

Many components in your phones and batteries are made with “rare Earth metals.” You know why they call them that? Because they are actually rare on Earth, and we’re going to run out. But they’re not rare in space. Which is why today a company launched the prototype for a vehicle that will search for asteroids to mine… »7/22/15 6:50pm7/22/15 6:50pm

Why The Sky Isn't Falling On SpaceX After Yesterday's Rocket Explosion

Yesterday morning, an unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 v. 1.1 rocket carrying a Dragon cargo capsule to the International Space Station (ISS) exploded shortly after launch. While this is a setback to SpaceX, we have to view it in the context of a series of failures that have plagued commercial spaceflight in the last year. »6/29/15 3:59pm6/29/15 3:59pm

Here's Your Chance to Become One of the First Asteroid Prospectors (Updated)

It was just over a year ago, back in April 2012, that we first learned the intentions of a company known as Planetary Resources: Asteroid mining. As in going into space, finding an asteroid that's not-too-far from Earth, and mining it for precious minerals and/or water which could be used as space-fuel for other… »5/29/13 12:25pm5/29/13 12:25pm