Our biggest planet in the solar system is also one of the best: it’s got crazy weather systems, it’s

Our biggest planet in the solar system is also one of the best: it’s got crazy weather systems, it’s probably saved Earth from enormous impacts, and it’s got hundreds of moons orbiting it. The Atlantic goes over all the ways Jupiter is their favorite planet. »11/08/15 6:05pm11/08/15 6:05pm


Beautifully simulated 3D trip through space is what dreams are made of

I woke up today and had already seen this stunning video of space before I even saw it in real life because I’m 100% sure it was created in my dreams. It wasn’t, it was rendered in the 3D simulation program Space Engine. But seriously, this digital recreation of space is what every kid imagines when they look up at a… »7/14/15 11:38am7/14/15 11:38am

This Elevation Map Of Mars Makes The Red Planet Much More Colorful

In this brand new map of the Ares Vallis region of Mars, released by the German space agency DLR, you can see the true differences in height between the high and low parts of our neighboring planet. The highest parts, expressed in red, are about 4000 meters (2.4 miles) above the lowest parts, in blue. »4/14/15 10:30pm4/14/15 10:30pm

Kepler Just Discovered a New Super-Earth, Against All Odds 

In May 2013, NASA's exoplanet-seeking spacecraft, Kepler, seemed doomed. Two of four wheels that stabilized its telescope had malfunctioned—and NASA appealed to scientists from around the world for ideas to salvage its mission. Yesterday, it announced the discovery of a brand-new super-Earth 180 light years from our… »12/19/14 11:35am12/19/14 11:35am

All the planets in the Solar System fit between the Earth and the Moon

I never thought of this, but you can fit all the planets in the Solar System back to back into the distance from the Earth to the Moon—about 238,900 miles (384,400 kilometers)—with room to spare: 4,990 miles (8,030 kilometers.) Seeing it visualized really give you a good idea of how much empty space is out there. »10/23/14 10:42pm10/23/14 10:42pm

Each of These Panoramic Pictures Is Its Own Tiny Twisted Planet

There are tons of 360-degree panoramic images out there, but Russian photographer Andrew Bodrov's latest work totally twists my mind. He depicts rockets, Mars rover Curiosity, statues of science and faith all embraced into lovely micro worlds, so simple and neat they could make a sweet set of scenery for a 21st… »9/24/14 12:30pm9/24/14 12:30pm

Short film: The dark side of the Earth is called human greed

I don't know how scientifically accurate the script of this short film by French director Aćim Vasić is. It seems very unlikely that planets can shift their orbits the way the film describes but there's something undeniably true that makes this movie worth watching: Its depiction of human greed. »9/08/14 10:49pm9/08/14 10:49pm