Louisiana Officials Said That After Planned Parenthood Closes, Women Can Just Go to the Dentist

When Louisiana state officials announced their plans to terminate Planned Parenthood’s state Medicaid contract in late August, they argued that there were plenty of doctors who could take on the more than 5200 patients the reproductive health organization sees each year in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. »9/13/15 10:00am9/13/15 10:00am

Switch to Sprint, Support Planned Parenthood, and Skip on the Fee

If you're looking to ditch your current cell carrier in favor of Sprint and are also a fan of reproductive rights, Planned Parenthood has a great deal for you. »2/22/07 6:40pm2/22/07 6:40pm

The best part? After three months, they'll refund your early termination fee, up to $175, making giving the one-fingered salute to Verizon totally painless to…