This swarming horde of black stealth fighter jets is not a movie scene

We're not preparing to fight the aliens. This isn't a scene from Independence Day 2. It's just a throwback photo of 25—yes, twenty five—Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk black stealth fighter jets celebrating its 25th anniversary back in 2006. What a beautifully intimidating celebration of power it was. »1/02/14 9:57pm1/02/14 9:57pm

AT&T Next or T-Mobile Jump: Which Upgrade Plan Should You Choose?

Today, AT&T introduced "Next," a new payment and upgrade plan that lets you pay for your phone in installments and upgrade once a year. The new plan comes less than a week after T-Mobile announced "Jump," its own frequent upgrade plan. But what's a trigger-happy gadget nerd to choose? We did the math for you. »7/16/13 12:32pm7/16/13 12:32pm

Verizon Serves Up Cheaper Prepaid Plans for Smartphones (Update)

Verizon just launched two cheaper prepaid plans with unlimited talk and text messaging. The $70 plan offers 2GB of 3G data and for $60 you get 500MB. Previously, Verizon only had an $80 prepaid plan, that offered unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data. More data for cheaper? Good! The only thing is that the plan is… »2/01/13 9:38am2/01/13 9:38am