MIT's Self-Assembling Solar Cells Recycle Themselves Repeatedly, Just Like Plant Cells

Plants are extremely efficient converters of light into energy, setting the bar for researchers creating photovoltaic cells. A team of MIT scientists believe they've created a synthetic chloroplast that can be broken down and reassembled repeatedly, restoring sun-damaged solar cells. »9/02/10 4:40pm9/02/10 4:40pm

Japanese Pekoppa Plant Listens To Your Problems Because Nobody Else Wants To

Sega Toys knows what Japanese people want: something to complain to that couldn't possibly think badly of you. It's called Pekoppa, and it's got a chip inside that will bend, stretch, and lean the plant according to how you speak to it. According to Sega it's "a good listener," will have 200,000 units floating around… »6/06/08 1:50pm6/06/08 1:50pm

Is Sony In Negotiations to Sell Cell Manufacturing Plants?

Sources say Sony's thinking about selling off their Cell CPU manufacturing plants, as evidenced by their recent canoodling with Toshiba. These plants would be the same ones where Sony currently produces the processos used in the PS3—you know, the Cell processors. If true, this sale would help Sony free up $860 million… »9/17/07 4:20pm9/17/07 4:20pm