Play Chess And Plant Herbs on This Bauhaus-Inspired Game Board

In the ultimate power ranking of common domestic herbs and succulents, which would you say reigns supreme? It's an important question that deserves serious consideration before playing the green-themed Micro-Planter Chess Set, which ingeniously doubles as a mini indoor-outdoor checkerboard garden. » 12/04/13 10:00am 12/04/13 10:00am

Who Knew That Takeout Containers Made For Convenient Little Greenhouses?

If your green thumb is itching for a garden that your cramped apartment can't facilitate, it turns out those takeout containers in your fridge can double as clever mini greenhouses. Or at least, these specially designed translucent plastic boxes that look like takeout containers, but still let sunshine in. » 10/10/12 1:00pm 10/10/12 1:00pm