Plantronics Gamecom 777 Dolby Gaming Headset Ears-On Actually Goes to 11

I was able to try the new Plantronics Gamecom 777 gaming headset here at IFA Showstoppers preview (about the only few thing worth trying, since the Garmin Nuvifone was broken). The $99 headset—equipped with a microphone that folds into the headset itself, Dolby Headphone and Dolby Pro Logic II technology—feels good… »8/27/08 4:50pm8/27/08 4:50pm

Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Earpiece Blends Stylish Design with Powerful Features

Plantronics just announced their new Discovery 925 earpiece which breaks away from the utilitarian design of most Bluetooth ear pieces and injects some style into the hardware — similar to the MotoPure H12 headset. The Discovery 925 sits in the ear without a loop that wraps around the back and comes with a matching… »4/01/08 12:00am4/01/08 12:00am

Plantronics 370BT Bluetooth Headset Looks Corporate-Suit Boring, is Military Spec Tough

Bluetooth headsets are two-a-penny nowadays, but Plantronics' new Explorer 370BT is like the ugly one that ran away from home and joined the Army. Designed so it's rough'n'tough enough to meet military standards, the 370BT is rubber-coated and resistant against water, dust and impacts. Sure, it won't actually save you… »2/13/08 11:24am2/13/08 11:24am

Plantronics Voyager 855 Bluetooth Headset Does Mono Calls and Stereo Music

Plantronics' latest headset, the Voyager 855, may look like a normal headset, but it actually allows you to be twice as dorky-looking with an add-on earbud attachment to turn it into a stereo headset for music. That's right, the 855 supports A2DP, and you can activate stereo mode by just plugging in the earbud cable,… »9/10/07 2:18pm9/10/07 2:18pm

Plantronics to Develop Bluetooth Winter Gear for Quiksilver/Roxy

Plantronics, Roxy and Quiksilver are jumping on the bandwagon that Burton has been commanding with years by releasing some Bluetooth-enabled snow wear that will communicate with your iPod and cellphone while on the slopes. Quiksilver will be releasing the Double Daffy Snow Jacket and Pulse Helmet. Roxy (basically the… »1/23/07 3:42pm1/23/07 3:42pm

Plantronics Bluetooth Headset Doubles as Necklace

Plantronics, makers of all things headsetty, have began work on a Bluetooth headset designed for women. When not in use this Bluetooth headset can be worn as a stylish—kind of—necklace. I know that men don't have a problem wearing Bluetooth headsets around all day, we don't have a problem looking like giant tools, but… »7/28/06 1:01pm7/28/06 1:01pm