Panasonic Putting Plasma Display Tech Into Cellphones, Undoubtedly Angering David Lynch

Update: It appears this story is completely false. PRNewswire now claims that AbleComm told them to pass along the news that everyone should disregard their release, because the entire thing is "completely false". Thanks AbleComm. Might want to put your April Fool's news releases on April 1, instead of April 3. » 4/03/08 4:50pm 4/03/08 4:50pm

Panasonic Broadcast to Ship the Grandaddy of All Plasmas: 103-Inches, 1080p

Panasonic Broadcast announced it's now shipping its 65-inch TH-65PF9UK 1080P plasma display aimed at the professional market, and also tipped us off that it will be shipping its gigantic 103-inch plasma display, which it calls the world's largest, by the end of this month. It's also rolling out a more… » 10/25/06 5:21pm 10/25/06 5:21pm