Panasonic Reprices PZ850 Flagship 65" Net-Connected Plasma: Now Only $7,000

We've covered Panasonic's flagship connected plasmas from the beginning, first at CES »9/03/08 4:11pm9/03/08 4:11pm and then later when pricing was announced. Today at CEDIA they've bumped pricing down, and confirmed availability for this month. The 65-inch TH-65PZ850 will sell for $7,000 (we at $8000), while the 58-incher will sell for an even…

Panasonic THX Display Certified Viera TH-50PZ800U New King of Plasmas (for Now)

After months of reigning as the best TVs on the planet, Pioneer's Kuro is finally challenged for the throne by Panasonic's THX Display-certified Viera TH-50PZ800U. It's the THX mode that gives it the edge, with its superior color accuracy and uniformity making it "one of the best-performing plasmas" Cnet has tested,… »5/28/08 8:10pm5/28/08 8:10pm

Pioneer's 2008 Kuro Line: Thinner Blacker Plasmas and an LCOS Projector But No LCDs

Today Pioneer is revealing its official 2008 Kuro TV lineup for the US. As we expected from European announcements, it includes second-generation Kuro plasmas—thinner, with five-times-deeper black levels than the first critically acclaimed Kuro plasma—and a Kuro-branded LCOS projector originally developed by JVC.… »5/07/08 9:00am5/07/08 9:00am

Panasonic's Hot 85U Series Plasma Reviewed by CNet: Very Black, Not Better Than Pioneer's Kuro

CNet's David Katzmaier eats, breathes and shits Giant Plasmas, so when he reviewed Panasonic's 85 series plasmas, their best until the 800 and 850s come out, I noticed. In a nutshell, the 46-inch (yes, 46-inch) 1080p set's 30,000:1 contrast ratio gives it some of the blackest blacks he's ever seen...but unfortunately,… »4/18/08 3:39pm4/18/08 3:39pm

Pioneer's 2nd Gen Kuro Plasma HDTVs Revealed... in Europe

We can't totally figure this out, but we're trying: Pioneer Europe just promised to ship second-generation Kuro plasmas as early as June, yep TVs stated by the company to be five times better than the "best TV ever," the current Kuro plasmas. Pioneer US says that it will be announcing plasmas soon, but that its lineup… »4/08/08 2:13pm4/08/08 2:13pm

Sony #1 in LCD; Biggest Names Hold Fast, But Cheap-o Brands Taking Out Weaker Competition

Last quarter was an all-out TV-maker battle, and you my friends were the territory. DisplaySearch's results for Q4 '07 declared the victor in the US LCD category to be Sony for the very first time. Panasonic handily crushed all comers in the smaller US plasma race. Samsung, with strong #2 finishes in both, ended up… »2/06/08 7:10pm2/06/08 7:10pm