Plastic Logic QUE ProReader is Dead, Dead, Dead. DEAD.

After canceling all pre-orders, Plastic Logic has completely cancelled the QUE ProReader. They claim, however, that they are working in a second generation. Apparently, they realized their product was dead-on-arrival because of the changes in the market. » 8/10/10 5:52pm 8/10/10 5:52pm

Plastic Logic Que Pre-Orders Cancelled, Probably Never Being Released

The story of the Plastic Logic Que, a huge-screened ereader, reads like a tragedy. The latest in its saga? All pre-orders of the Que have been cancelled and there's no timeline for release. Yeah, it's looking like vaporware. » 6/27/10 10:30am 6/27/10 10:30am

Plastic Logic Planning Color E-Reader Display For 2012

Though the Plastic Logic Que, an expensive, amply-screened ebook reader, is still in delay purgatory, the company says that it is already working on a color display that should be completed by the end of next year. » 5/13/10 2:17pm 5/13/10 2:17pm

Plastic Logic Que Still Delayed, But Could I Interest You in Plastic…

The promising-but-pricey Plastic Logic Que was enticing when first announced, but extensive delays have made it less appealing. Still, major Plastic Logic investor Herrman Hauser selflessly thinks now would be the perfect time for someone to buy the company. UPDATED: » 4/06/10 9:17am 4/06/10 9:17am

Plastic Logic Que Is Going to Nuzzle Nook in Barnes & Noble Stores (And …

I asked at the announcement if the Nook would get exclusive perks over other Barnes & Noble readers, like Plastic Logic's Que. Shelf space ain't one of them, since Que will cozy up with Nook in B&N stores next year. » 10/27/09 10:03am 10/27/09 10:03am

Barnes & Noble Won't Be Getting a Color Reader From Plastic Logic…

When a (claimed) Barnes & Noble rep said that the company's imminent ebook reader would be color, some folks over at Plastic Logic, B&N's hardware partner, were listening intently. Mainly because they had no idea what he was talking about. » 10/13/09 1:49pm 10/13/09 1:49pm

Video: Barnes and Noble eBook Will Be Color

B&N will be on the color reader via an eBook store app, according to the gushing rep in this video from CTIA. Interestingly, the news follows rumors that B&N's own (possibly Android-powered) reader may arrive as early as next month. » 10/09/09 7:02am 10/09/09 7:02am

Plastic Logic Makes Same Mistake as Apple, Ties Their Touchscreen…

Plastic Logic's giant touchscreen ebook reader makes Amazon's Kindle look like ancient Egyptian technology, and the Barnes & Noble digital bookstore closes its serious content gap. Too bad though they're using AT&T's 3G network for over-the-air downloads. » 7/22/09 12:01am 7/22/09 12:01am

Barnes and Noble Announces "World's Largest eBookstore", Upcoming eReader

Rumors about Barnes & Noble's plans to develop an eReader have been confirmed in a company statement that launches a new eBookstore and outlines a partnership with Plastic Logic to develop an eReader for an early 2010 launch. » 7/20/09 6:30pm 7/20/09 6:30pm

Plastic Logic's E-Reader Shown on Video, More Details Emerge

We've been following Plastic Logic's » 9/11/08 5:17am 9/11/08 5:17am potential Kindle-killing device this week, and the guys over at are adding to the intrigue with video of it. Speaking with a company rep, they found out that the device is less than 7mm thin and charges/connects to PCs with a miniUSB connector.Meanwhile its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi…