Plastiki, the Pop Bottle Ship, Completes Its 8,000 Mile Voyage

Plastiki, a 60 foot vessel buoyed by over 12,000 2-liter plastic bottles, sailed into the Sydney Harbor today, completing a 130 day, 8000 mile journey from San Francisco. A long way to travel for the coveted 10 cent deposit! » 7/26/10 8:53am 7/26/10 8:53am

Plastiki, The Ship Made From 12,000 Plastic Bottles, Set Sail Saturday

After four years of development, the Plastiki finally set sail on Saturday from San Francisco, where it will travel 11,000 miles to Sydney. Its website has useful tracking stats for all nautical nutters, well worth checking out. [Plastiki] » 3/22/10 4:50am 3/22/10 4:50am