Here is how dinner changed over the last 100 years

It’s not the most comprehensive look at the history of food but Mode’s video showcasing 100 years of dinner is really enjoyable to watch because it’s just pure fun to find out all the stuff, both delicious and horrific, that we used to put in our bodies. The video captures food trends pretty well—TV dinners, SPAM,… »Wednesday 8:15pm11/25/15 8:15pm


I've Been Waiting All My Life for This Kind of Advancement in Pancake Plate Technology

Pancakes! We love them. Pancakes with syrup! We love them even more. But sometimes, pouring syrup on top of your hot cakes just isn't enough. You want to be able to conveniently dip 'em too. This plate, created by designer Jon Wye, is the perfect plate for pancakes: they have a slope and bank to store the syrup. »12/06/11 9:40pm12/06/11 9:40pm

Star Trek Plate Covers Won't Make Your Lights Turn On Any Faster

You can't wait for the movie »11/12/08 9:45am11/12/08 9:45am. You have the t-shirts, the tricorder replica, the klingon doctorate, your , your face has morphed already into a sexy Vulcanian, and you have been writing your first Star Trek novel for years now. But do you these plates for your electrical wall thingies? Yeah. That's what I thought. Go…

You'll Drink Corporate America's Coffee, But Only Out of a Glowing Pirate Mug

The boardroom is tense. Your boss is negotiating with their boss over the Big Merger. Accountants discuss endless piles of financial statements. Somewhere a middle manager is getting grilled over an $800 dinner spotted in the audit. There are tears in his eyes and sweat on his brow. And there you are, feet up on the… »8/26/08 11:45am8/26/08 11:45am

Geek License Plates Show Just How Geeky the Road Can Get (Very)

While this »8/25/08 3:00pm8/25/08 3:00pm is by far our favorite geek vanity plate, we don't pretend that others don't exist. And frankly, if I pulled up behind someone repping a wireless radio standard for all to see on the back of their Hyundai, I think there's a great chance I might spit-take my Big Gulp and risk a rear impact collison. And…

Dragon Power Station Harnesses Kinetic Energy From Passing Vehicles to Power Stuff

Terry Kenney's Dragon Power Station prototype works by harnessing the kinetic energy of trucks passing over plates buried in the road and turning that energy into electricity. The system he's got set up now in the Port of Oakland, with 2,500 trucks passing over it in a day, is enough to power 1,750 homes. It's a very… »5/01/08 2:00pm5/01/08 2:00pm