Watch This $40 Million Gas Platform Sink to the Bottom of the Sea

Installing an off-shore gas platform can be a tricky proposition. Things can go very wrong. That's exactly what happened with this $40 million Iranian platform was being installed in the Persian Gulf. For as terrifying as the footage is, there were no reported casualties; looks like everyone knew how to swim. Still,… » 2/03/13 3:22pm 2/03/13 3:22pm

Aphrodite Project Techie Hooker Platforms Re-emerge at Digital Life

We've heard about the Aphrodite Project before, where hooker platform shoes go high-tech in addition to alot of other arty stuff. The shoes first appeared in a show in New York last May and also surfaced at Siggraph graphics fest last summer. Now, they've re-appeared at Digital Life in New York, and pictures from… » 9/28/06 9:41am 9/28/06 9:41am