How Asteroid Mining Could Pay for Our First Space Colony

Many of us dream of living on other planets, but are two things we'll need before it can actually happen: money and raw materials. Now some companies say they have a solution to this problem. They'll mine asteroids for valuable metal ores, and for basic resources like water that we'll need once we're far from Earth. » 2/17/15 1:00pm 2/17/15 1:00pm

A Sapphire Hard Disk Will Last 1 Million Years (But You Can't Afford It)

Though hard disk drive technology has improved in recent times, you'd be a brave soul indeed to use one for more than a couple of years without backing it up. But now a team of scientists has made a hard disk from sapphire which it claims will last 1 million years—just don't expect to be able to afford it. » 7/13/12 5:53am 7/13/12 5:53am

iPhone Goes Platinum...No, Not in THAT Way

The iPhone just went platinum, literally. From the precious metal enthusiasts at Goldstriker International, you can now buy a platinum-coated iPhone for about $2,230. And while most of us aren't interested in purchasing or carrying around a platinum iPhone (that will probably scratch to hell, btw), it's still the best… » 12/09/07 10:30am 12/09/07 10:30am

Platinum Club Treadmill With iPod Dock, 15-inch LCD

If we could ever summon up the strength to go exercise (which would then give us more strength), we'd want to do so on one of these Platinum Club Series Treadmills with a USB port for your iPod. Just hook up your iPod via the standard iPod cable, and you can scroll through playlists, watch videos, or just provide… » 9/21/07 3:21pm 9/21/07 3:21pm