Recording Compressed to 1,000 Times MP3 Rate Could Be the Future of…

The University of Rochester has just devised a way of reproducing music in a file that's compressed 1,000 times smaller than an MP3 file. The way they do it—physically modeling an instrument in a computer and then feeding it input variables (breath, tongue, fingers) in order to generate the output tone—seems super… » 4/03/08 3:20pm 4/03/08 3:20pm

PlayStation 3 DivX Playback Tested

Click to viewThe PlayStation 3 2.10 update is here, bringing with it not only Blu-ray Profile 1.1 support (which adds picture in picture among other things), but DivX and WMV playback as well. Unfortunately, DivX support means DivX support, and doesn't include XviD as some of us hoped according to readers includes XviD … » 12/18/07 3:01am 12/18/07 3:01am

How to Install Linux on Your PS3

For those of you who managed to get your hands on a PS3 and not get shot in the process, you're probably itching to use that big ass machine to do some fancy media playback—like Sony's been hyping. The good news is that you can use your PS3 as a media hub, but the bad news is that you'll have to install Linux. » 12/11/06 2:22pm 12/11/06 2:22pm