Nanowires Could Turn Your T-Shirts Into Nano-Power Stations

A nanotech invention by a US research team offers an intriguing glimpse of the future: slip on some nanowire-embedded clothes, plug your MP3 player or cellphone into them, and as you dance or walk around, your outfit generates enough power to run the gadget. More details on how the fabric works, and some nano-imagery… » 2/14/08 8:54am 2/14/08 8:54am

Chrysler Brings Car Radios Into the 21st Century

A high-end fancy car like a Lexus is usually stoked with all the latest tech stuff such as hard drives, but now Chrysler has gotten into the act, offering MyGig, a 20GB hard drive that you can order as an option. Our grease-monkey brothers at Jalopnik tell us the hard drive is embedded in the dashboard, and not only… » 7/17/06 10:10am 7/17/06 10:10am

Ten Feet Under: Freestyle Audio Fusion DMP

MP3 players are moving underwater, and now here's a completely submersible player and earphone, the Fusion DMP from Freestyle Audio. Available in a Hobson's choice of 256MB ($160) or 512MB ($200) capacities, it has a rechargeable battery that will give you 40 hours of underwater music goodness, where you can dive to… » 7/06/06 10:48am 7/06/06 10:48am