Turn Playgrounds Into Game Controllers With This Motion-Sensing Clip

An afternoon spent playing on a smartphone or tablet isn't exactly the most healthiest way for a kid to spend their free time—but at this point mobile devices are a part of life and aren't going away. So a few enterprising folks came up with a clever over-sized clip called the Hybrid Play, that attaches to moving… »10/23/14 9:09am10/23/14 9:09am

9 Images of How Kids Played Before Modern Playgrounds Existed

"Playground." The word evokes visions of brightly colored jungle gyms and swing-sets, fenced-off or otherwise protected from dangers of the surrounding real world. But before these kinds of site-specific joy zones, kids kept busy: Playing. On the ground. " Reinventing the Square" is an exhibition that looks at the… »8/22/14 9:00am8/22/14 9:00am

Mobius Climbers Are Totally Awesome, Dangerous Playground Equipment

These Mobius Climbers are super-sweet playground equipment inspired by Mobius strips, bending and curving all over the place with grips and bars for climbing. It's the type of thing I would have killed to play on as a kid but would be forbidden to by my reasonable parents, who would see these things for what they are:… »2/29/08 11:15am2/29/08 11:15am