Card decks with 52 aces of spades were used for psych warfare in Vietnam

During the Vietnam War, American soldiers started hearing rumors that the Vietnamese were very superstitious about the ace of spades. So Cincinnati's U.S. Playing Card Co. responded by printing decks of nothing but ace of spades—and sending them for free to GIs in Vietnam for the purposes of "psychological warfare." »12/29/14 2:43pm12/29/14 2:43pm

Real life Gambit blows things up by throwing playing cards

Growing up, I never wanted Cyclops' optic blast or Wolverine's adamantium claws or Magneto's power over magnetic fields, I wanted to throw cards like Gambit. I don't know if that makes me an unimaginative little kid who only dreamt about realistic powers but I do know I spent many summer days throwing cards at… »2/26/14 11:14pm2/26/14 11:14pm

Someone Is Going to Pay a Ridiculous Amount of Money For These Ugly Apple Playing Cards

These official Apple playing cards are currently being sold on eBay for almost $500. They're based off OS 7 (they use the icons and such) and are extremely rare but, for the love of god people, they're a freaking deck of cards! And they're not even pretty to look at. [eBay via The Next Web] »2/21/11 11:20pm2/21/11 11:20pm

Guy Builds Olympic Village Replica with 140,000 Playing Cards

This Olympics Village model made by an expert card-stacker makes the Lego Olympics »8/18/08 10:00am8/18/08 10:00am look just naff in comparison. I mean, that model's just a lot of plastic parts snapped together: This guy had to avoid shaky hands, sneezing and stepping incautiously for a whole while he put the card model together, detailing even…