A Projector Camera That Adds Wacky Animations Can't Just Be for Kids

Photography is a lovely hobby for adults who've developed the requisite patience to wait for the perfect shot. But for kids? Not so much. They demand more instant gratification, so Hasbro has created the Showcam, a digital camera targeted at kids that lets them add effects and hilarious animations to photos, and even… »10/02/13 11:40am10/02/13 11:40am


Kota the Triceratops Is Amazing, Eats Deep-Fried Pleos for Breakfast

I'm in awe with Kota The Triceratops Dinosaur, a $300 fully articulated 40-inch-long robot in the shape of a real-sized baby triceratops that, according to Playskool, any kid can ride. Yes. Full size. Baby. Triceratops. Riding. Robot. Really, this thing looks so cool that makes the Pleo look like a bag of bricks. »2/15/08 1:53pm2/15/08 1:53pm

Playskool, Creative Start the Tots out Early with DAPs

In the latest sign of the apocalypse, Playskool, of toddler toy fame, has teamed up with Creative to produce some very kid-friendly MP3 players. Okay, the devices aren't that bad. The Infant Gym is a ceiling mobile and MP3 player that comes loaded up with some baby tunes or lets you put your death metal playlist on it… »1/22/07 5:14pm1/22/07 5:14pm