UK Prisoner Tattooing Jail Buddies With Hacked PlayStation Tattoo Gun

PlayStations are great. You can play games on them, and if you've got a PS3 you can also watch Blu-rays and surf the internet. If you happened to be in a UK jail, you could even get inked by one. » 5/24/10 3:56am 5/24/10 3:56am

PlayStation 1 Turned Into a Light-Detecting Insect Robot

Harold Ilano was tired of playing Final Fantasies Seven through Nine on his PS1, so what did he do? He took the thing apart, salvaged its innards, and made a robot insect out of it. Not only does it have light sensors in order to follow light sources, it looks freaks out Mrs. Harold Ilano, who hates bugs with a… » 9/11/07 4:30pm 9/11/07 4:30pm