Hulu Plus on PS3 Review: Everything We Hoped It Would Be...But Free

Hulu Plus got a lot of attention in its iPad/iPhone incarnations. But it's also the smoothest, most polished media experience I've ever had on my PS3. And to some extent, it really is the Holy Grail: Hulu on TV. » 7/17/10 12:30pm 7/17/10 12:30pm

PS3 Launches Hulu Plus Preview, Has Console Exclusivity Until Next Year

Hulu Plus has launched in preview mode for select PlayStation Plus members. And not only is it the only gaming console you can access the service with today, you won't see Hulu Plus on anyone other system until 2011. » 7/14/10 3:11pm 7/14/10 3:11pm

Hulu Plus Won't Always Require a Playstation Plus Subscription

Contrary to what we previously heard, Hulu Plus for the PS3 will not require a Playstation Plus subscription forever. A Playstation Plus subscription is only required during the current Hulu Plus "preview period". » 7/06/10 3:48pm 7/06/10 3:48pm